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Stuff I can do for and with you

Software development. More precisely, API and Database development using technologies like JavaScript, Rust, Go (Golang) and Postgresql, amongst others. You'll seldom find me reaching for popular frameworks like React and friends, since what I build is highly bespoke and often requires tailor-made solutions.

Over the past 25 years or so, I've been involved in a few things:

Of course, I'm best known for my development experience, which goes hand in hand with API and Database design and development, as well as a whole range of other things, including desktop and web applications. Towards that end, I often reach for good old JavaScript, because it just works everywhere. A big bonus with JavaScript is that it is easier for startups and smaller businesses to hire and retain JavaScript developers, as it is a very popular and widely used language.

These days, I'm also quite a fan of Rust, as it was designed to solve many of the challenges we face with modern API development. Rust allows me to have the power of C with the memory safety and management of Java, all without the heavy licensing fees and infrastructure investment.

I excel at building the bits and pieces that work behind the scenes to make your solution work. That API that feeds the front-end data, or pulls in various data sources and parses and analyses them, to push the data to a mobile app on which you can view the results. The data encryption layer that secures your manufacturing IP between different locations. The WebAssembly (wasm) module that obfuscates your proprietary formula for calculating future yields on an investment.

In short, if you need something out of the ordinary built, we should have a chat.