• - What services do you provide?

    We build mobile apps, usually using a technology called Flutter. This allows us to adhere to the UX design more closely and deliver a more polished product. At times, if required, we also make use of Swift, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin and Xamarin to build apps.

    We build applications for Android an iOS, using your store credentials so that the IP remains your throughout the life of the product.

    Application Types

    • Prototype

      We are able to turn your UX designs into a clickable, installable mobile application that you can use to test the workflow and provide as a sample to potential investors.

    • Proof of Concept

      Using the work done during the prototype phase, we are able to add features and logic to turn it into a functional application to determine the value proposition of your solution and find the best way to proceed with your development.

    • Minimum Viable Product / Minimum Sellable Product

      At this stage, we build an application that can be sold to users and that have a reasonable chance of being successful.

    • Production
      Production apps contain all the features you need and provide the full user experience.
  • - Can you build me a website?

    We do, from time to time, build administrative consoles for our clients, but prefer to outsource web development to DMN Creative, a digital agency with experience in building an online presence and brand. Their services include website development, SEO and social media branding.
  • - Can you build the API?

    We are happy to handle Firebase/Firestore development for our mobile clients, but for anything else, we prefer to partner with Chris Oloff from Uber5. They provide architectural and development services for cloud and on-premise API solutions and have experience in building mobile-friendly API's.
  • - I need UX design, can you do it?

    UX is a complex and involved art and, as much as we value good design, we just aren't equipped to provide that service. Instead, we've partnered with Peter Koen from Pondo, who is an expert in his field. You are very welcome to contact him directly, or we can assist you with an introduction if you like.


  • How much will this cost?

    After our initial free 30 minute video call, we'll come up with an estimate regarding the time and level of effort involved in building your application. Based on that, we'll provide you with a quote for a fixed piece of work.

    We prefer to work in small, managable chunks of well-defined work, which saves time, effort and, ultimately, cost. By working on fixed scope cycles, you are able to budget for what you are getting and are in full control of your expenses.

  • Can I pay in equity?

    Depending on what stage your business is at, and what our synergy is, we would consider partial payment in equity, up to a maximum of 15% of our fee.

    We are not investors and can not work for pure equity deals.

Self Service

Itching to get started, but you have no budget at all? If you want to roll your own solution, you can! It takes hard work and effort to build an app, but you can save time and money by doing some, or, potentially, all of the work, yourself.

Here are some links to get you started. We are not affiliated with any of them.